Are you ready for the ecosystem economy?

In the next decade digital mega-trends will have an enormous impact on the financial services industries. This creates opportunities for both established actors as well as the new technology start-ups. We do not believe the future is one in which a new generation of players will wipe out the existing financial services sector. We do believe banks and other financial players will have to adapt rapidly to the new digital reality.

Customers are increasingly demanding real-time services that are much broader than what they are currently being offered. In the future financial services organizations will have to master the art of co-creation and collaboration with agile technology start-ups and offer customer experiences that are comparable with those customers are receiving from data-driven technology companies in other domains.


Partners are actively supporting and contributing to the Eggsplore ecoystem. Structural partners are part of our governing board setting the overall strategy. Together with our associate partners they contribute financially and in-kind to our strategic programs and events. Educational and support partners add their specific know-how to our ecosystem.

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We accept both companies and interested individuals as members. Members of our ecosystem can attend events and workshops as well as our yearly fintech conference., a first edition of which is planned mid 2016. Members can be resident, in case they not only want access to our knowledge network and events but also want to use our co-working space and shared facilities .

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